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- Political of Quality

- MAK it is committed with the quality, by means of the application of a management in where procedures and instructions have settled down, that define the lineamientos clearly to obtain a satisfactory quality level. For this management, Mak remembers always that but the important thing is their clients, reason for which one of its high-priority objectives is to increase the degree of satisfaction of such.

The Policy of Quality of MAK is based on the following principles:

  » To impel the management of the quality to all the personnel, in all the levels and all the processes of the company.

» To make products in agreement with the specifications and requirements established by our clients.

  » To evaluate the satisfaction and to analyze the expectations of quality of our clients in periodic form.
  » To assume an active conduct to determine and to correct the causes that can give origin to nonconformities.
  » To promote a constant search of preventive actions that assure the quality and the continuous improvement our processes and products.

» To establish the continuous improvement like priority of the management of the quality, interpreting the expectations of our clients like improvement opportunities, so that in case of corresponding, of turning a suggestion new specifications of our products.

By means of these principles, MAK has seted out to reach the objectives that have considered.

Within this frame the direction will be the person in charge to offer the support and to have the resources that the application of this System of management of the quality they demand, having the arduous task of making the revisions of the system and being able to determine the actions that consider necessary to maintain and to improve this system.

This commitment with the quality allows us to establish the goal to extend our market, by means of the search of the exports of our products.


- Certificates of Quality

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